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Healing and Wellness Center signThe Healing and Wellness Center of Kent Island is an alternative, holistic health practice offering natural approaches to health. Instead of diagnosing and treating a disease or health condition, we evaluate to find the reason why the body isn't healing. We then use natural techniques to assist the body to regain its ability to heal. At that point, the BODY heals the underlying cause of the disease, which restores the patient's health and function. More important, with the body now able to heal, this problem won't return and the person will have a restored overall level of health.

At The Healing and Wellness Center of Kent Island, we specialize in difficult or "impossible" cases that have not responded well to other treatment (either medical or alternative). We have found that getting results on these difficult cases is possible because of the vast power of the body to heal itself. Our job is to assist the body to recognize the problem so the body is free to heal.

As humans, we are all in a rush to get somewhere now! We are all sometimes guilty of not having our priorities in order. Overall, we are overfed and undernourished. We're running on less sleep, processed foods, and more stress. We lose our health to make money and then lose our money to regain our health. Why not start living well now and enjoy your life to it's fullest potential?

If your health isn't your priority, your body is likely sending you signals that it needs help. Your body will tell you with many different signals: pain, headaches, sinus infections, fatigue, weight gain, acid reflux, digestive problems, dizziness, joint stiffness, insomnia... my list could go on and on.

How many times have you sat in a doctor's office for thirty minutes and when you finally see him or her it's only for five minutes and you leave with a prescription and instruction to call if you feel worse? Have you ever waited hours for a return phone call from your doctor that never comes? It is frustrating, I understand.

I am the doctor that is here for you, always. I am available to you by phone, email, or office visit. I strive to be an excellent resource for you and your family when it comes to holistic health and wellness. My promise to you is that I will consistently deliver quality, individualized, and compassionate care to every patient that is incomparable to any doctor in this area. I am truly passionate about your health and happiness. I really love my work!

I am so excited to start this website. Check back from time to time. I plan to keep it updated on the regular with necessary health information and upcoming events.

So I can officially say, "Welcome to my site... this is just the beginning!"

Dr. M

Dr. Kristin Mowry, PT, DPT, CNC, CHHC

  • Since 2007, I have taken over this practice from my late father, Dr. John Fish, DC, CCN. I am honored to continue practicing in his unique and compassionate way. Read more about Dr. Mowry...
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Upcoming Events

Getting Your Office Healthy

  • Wellness at the OfficeSchedule a series of Wellness Education Programs to motivate employees to take preventative steps for their long-term health and wellness.
    • Lunchtime Solutions: Food as Fuel, Superfoods, and Healthy Options
    • Taking Care of Your Back: Strengthening the Core Muscles
    • Relaxing the Body and Mind: Reducing stress in the office

Extreme Makeover, Kitchen Edition

  • Do you want to organize your kitchen so it is full of healthy foods that are easy to prepare? Do you want to learn how to grocery shop for healthy whole foods?

    Dr. Mowry will come to your home and help you reorganize your kitchen and stock it with healthy whole foods. Dr. Mowry can also accompany you to the grocery store and/or farmers market and teach you how to shop for whole natural foods, read labels to avoid chemicals and harmful ingredients. She will show you how simple it is to prepare delicious, quick, and healthy meals.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

  • glass of waterThe average human loses between 3 and 6 liters of water on a typical day. One to two liters rushes out as urine, and another one-tenth liter in defecation. Water lost as vapor when you breathe could fill around 1 to 2 liter water bottles a day and even more in arid locations. Sweat fills up another liter on an average day, but that amount can reach 1 to 2 liters per hour in an intense workout.

    But if you're dehydrated, that super gulp won't give you the quick fix you dream of. The body can only absorb about 1 quart per hour. Drink plenty of clean and filtered water throughout your day, every day. How much? A good rule of thumb is to drink enough water to equal 1/2 your body weight in ounces. For example: a 150 lb. person needs 75 ounces of water every day.